Matthew Battle, Managing Director, UK Property Forums
After many months of planning, discussions and deliberations I am really pleased to announce that the Oxfordshire will have its own unique property event to celebrate the diversity of the property sector. To be held on April 18th 2018 and located around the historical and world famous locations of Corpus Christi College and the Bodleian Libraries, it will be an opportunity to be involved in the latest thinking for the region and also to showcase some of the new projects which have been completed in Oxfordshire. 

What else is driving the event? 

  1. The macro changes across Oxfordshire including the need to house population growth, employment needs and deliver the Local Plan which calls for the provision of over 100,000 houses by 2031.
  2. The need for a forum to showcase the many ‘world class’ education facilities in Oxford and ensuring that the University maintains its position as a centre for excellence, attracting research fellows and funding (in a post Brexit world.)
  3. Development of a forum to help encourage the growing development pipeline of research and innovation facilities which reflects the cluster in the region including digital, tech, medical and science.
  4. Regional based awards programme which provides a platform for projects that are just built or in the pipeline (such as Westgate, business parks, new communities across the County and Market Towns) to receive profile and credibility
  5. Creation of an event to reflect how the recent investment in transport nodes and infrastructure projects have encouraged growth in the region and can help to redefine Oxfordshire’s premier position in the UK and across Europe.
  6. The need to create of an event which acts as a catalyst to network and partner with the property community and show best practise to a wider audience.

A festival is an event ordinarily celebrated by a community and centring on some characteristic aspect of that community and often involves celebration